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Smart Side Table Fridge

Smart Side Table Fridge

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Introducing the Smart Side Table Fridge, an exquisite fusion of modern design and groundbreaking technology crafted to enhance your living space. This innovative side table is a must-have for those who desire the ultimate in convenience and style.

Sophisticated Design Meets Advanced Technology:

  • Efficient Power Use: Eco-conscious and cost-effective, with power consumption of only 0.32 kWh/24h.
  • Quiet as a Whisper: Ultra-quiet operation at 36 dB(A) ensures a peaceful environment.
  • Seamless Operation Control: An electronic, intuitive touch screen offers effortless control over all features.
  • Chilled to Perfection: Direct cooling technology maintains a temperature range of 3 ~ 8 ℃ within the spacious 65L cooler volume.
  • Convenient Charging: Equipped with dual 15W wireless chargers, two USB ports, and one USB-C port, keeping all your devices charged and ready.
  • Contemporary Elegance: A toughened glass top provides a durable and stylish surface for your everyday needs.
  • Innovative Storage: Push-pull drawers and removable features combine convenience with sleek design.

Elevate Your Comfort with Smart Features:

  • Motion Sensor LED: Light up your space with a motion-activated LED, providing soft illumination when you need it.
  • Wireless Charging Hub: With dual 15W wireless charging pads, keep your smartphones powered without the clutter of cords.
  • Connectivity Hub: Stay connected with multiple USB charging options, including the fast-charging USB-C port.

Crafted for Convenience:

The Smart Side Table Fridge offers more than just a surface to rest your coffee mug. The refrigerator drawer is perfect for keeping beverages and snacks cool and within reach. The elegant touch screen control panel adds a touch of sophistication, allowing you to adjust settings with just a touch.

Whether it’s in the comfort of your living room, by your bedside, or even in a modern office setting, the Smart Side Table Fridge blends in perfectly, delivering both functionality and a sleek aesthetic.

A Statement Piece for Any Room:

This isn't just a side table — it's a conversation starter. The Smart Side Table Fridge’s contemporary design, highlighted by the toughened glass top and discreet storage options, makes it a standout piece that complements any décor.

Own the Smart Side Table Fridge to redefine convenience and add a dash of modern sophistication to your living space. It's not just furniture; it's the future of home living, available today.

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